Prosinec 2013

Merry Metal Christmas and Headbanging New Year!

24. prosince 2013 v 14:50 | Ersie |  Other
Tak moji milí, zlatí, metalový a rockový čtenáři.. Přeju Vám všem hodně štěstí a zdravý do novýho ro(c)ku a spoustu super hudby!

Eluveitie-All good things come to an end

3. prosince 2013 v 17:47 | Ersie |  Eluveitie
Mám zlou zprávu pro fanoušky této výborné kapely. Meri Tadic, houslistka a zpěvačka v kapele končí. Byla v Eluveitie od samého začátku, takže jedenáct let. Bohužel se rozhodla vydat se vlastní cestou.
Okomentovala to takhle:
"Dear friends!

After 11 years of Eluveitie I have decided that it is time for me to move on.
I have had the privilege to live through wonderful and unique years on stage and on the road as well as rough ones within the band.
My decision has absolutely nothing to do with Irij and the upcoming album.
Since many of you know I already have been involved with Irij for quite a few years now.
Nevertheless i'll continue with full force now, evolve on my musical journey and thus focusing on the new release, debut shows, rehearsals, new influences and possibilities.

It's really hard to find the right words, you know.
These were magical years in every way and I have lived through them and enjoyed them with all my heart.
A part of me will probably remain within "Eluveitie" forever because to me this band was never only a band but lifeblood.
That's why I first wanna say an endless toast to all our fans around the globe.
You have been an invaluable enrichment to my life and I will merrily think back of the fantastic times spent and the passion I saw burning in your eyes, fists and bodies through the crowd.
Without you there would have been no us!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

I wish for further luck, success and happiness to pave the way for my brothers and sister Chrigel, Anna, Ivo, Päde, Kay and Rafi! I will miss your pretty "Blockflötengesichter" and you all better behave out there! ;-)
Everything we've been through will never be forgotten and I am so proud to see how far we've made it!
Make me proud and keep on rocking the world dear friends.
Hopefully I will meet some of you out there on the road again! Somewhen, somewhere… :-)

As to end this statement, I wanna quote one of my favorite metal bands without whom i'd probably never ever would have ended up playing that fiddle in a Death Metal band at the first place!

"We are blind to the
World within us,
waiting to be born!"

Cheers everybody, no tears but joy now!


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